Tara Dos Remedios

Here for everyday Canadians. 

A vote for me is a vote for lower cost of living, the end of mismanaged bureaucratic spending and for a political party that puts Canadians first.

Can your family afford another tax?

What matters to me:

Lower the cost of household essentials

We want to save Canadians over $350 every year on poultry, eggs and dairy by ending the government imposed supply management system and removing restrictive tariffs meant to provide control to a select few groups. We also plan to lower your phone, television and internet bills by opening these markets to outside competition.

Cut wasteful foreign handouts

The 2018 Liberal government spent $6.1 billion of our tax dollars on often untraceable foreign initiatives with no benefit to Canadian families. I want to help people here in need including First Nations, the homeless, seniors and our veterans.

Stop shortsighted corporate handouts

Under the Conservative government Canadian tax payer lost more than $3.6 billion dollars in the GM bailout alone. GM plans to scale back their workforce to a mere 300 jobs. The other parties all support this corporate welfare. The People’s Party will prevent disastrous deals like $3.6 billion for 300 GM jobs from happening again. We deserve better.

End the carbon tax and leave The Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris Climate Agreement taxes Canadians in the hopes that if we transfer enough of our wealth to developing countries under the guise of a carbon tax that these nations will have incentive to pollute less –although there is no accountability. With cost of living spiraling out of control city wide, can our families really afford another global handout tax scheme?

Promote healthcare innovation and transparent spending

For years the federal government has insisted that the provinces satisfy a series of conditions set in the Canada Health Act in exchange for tax dollars. These conditions discourage innovation. Also, the money does not directly fund health care services. It is simply added to the provinces’ budgets and they decide where and how they spend it. We will end the confusion over where our healthcare tax dollars go and champion innovative medicine. 

Respect our individual rights and freedoms

Ensure that Canadians can exercise their freedom of conscience to its fullest extent as intended under the Charter and are not discriminated against because of their moral convictions. Let’s keep the notion of thought crimes in fiction books where they belong

Why I Support Sustainable Immigration


Subway and road congestion in Toronto is at disastrous levels, Hospital patients are sleeping in hallways and our city is in the middle of a major housing and rental crisis. Finding viable, long-term solutions to overcrowding, that costs our economy billions each year, will be a priority under The People’s Party government.

Taxpayer Cost

Since being elected, the Liberal government has spent tens of millions housing asylum seekers in Toronto alone. Meanwhile all levels of government continue to rack up debt with no end in sight. Lowering immigration numbers will insure essential services are not being cut to make up for reckless government spending.


All of the major Canadian federal parties, excluding the People’s Party, want to increase immigration levels to above 300,000 people per year, but none of them have a plan for feeding, housing or integrating these people into our society without costing our economy billions. What programs will this money come out of?

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