Tara Dos Remedios

Here for everyday Canadians. 

A vote for me is a vote for lower cost of living, the end of mismanaged bureaucratic spending and for a political party that puts Canadians first.

Can your family afford another tax?

What matters to me:

Open up & safeguard our economy & schools

Lockdowns have had a catastrophic effect on Canadians. I will fight to end all future lockdowns while still protecting our most vulnerable residents.

Healthcare reform

Reduce Canada’s exceptional wait times (the longest in any developed nation) and investigate the state of Old Age Homes nationwide.

Protect free speech

Uphold the Canadian right to free thought and expression, emphasizing its crucial role in an open, free and democratic society. While opposing the government’s current attempts to censor the internet.

Putting Canada first

Cultivate international relationships that serve our own interests; prioritize those that ensure national security and a vibrant economy. While opting out of agreements that undermine our national sovereignty.

Putting YOU first

Phase out corporate and foreign handouts, with the exception of major humanitarian crises, ensuring those funds be used for struggling Canadians instead.

Forge national unity

Honour our nation’s legacy of welcoming people from all cultures and creeds into our borders with the promise of freedom and opportunity.

Why I Support Sustainable Immigration


Subway and road congestion in Toronto is at disastrous levels, Hospital patients are sleeping in hallways and our city is in the middle of a major housing and rental crisis. Finding viable, long-term solutions to overcrowding, that costs our economy billions each year, will be a priority under The People’s Party government.

Taxpayer Cost

Since being elected, the Liberal government has spent tens of millions on housing asylum seekers in Toronto alone. Meanwhile all levels of government continue to rack up debt with no end in sight. Lowering immigration numbers will ensure essential services are not being cut to make up for reckless government spending.


All of the major Canadian federal parties, excluding the People’s Party, want to increase immigration levels to above 300,000 people per year, but none of them have a plan for feeding, housing or integrating these people into our society without costing our economy billions. What programs will this money come out of?

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