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The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is a coalition of people who are disenchanted with traditional politicians who say one thing one day, and another the next. The parties platform is based around the principles of freedom, responsibility, fairness, and respect. These principles are non-negotiable.

We are a grassroots party that advocates for smart populism, speaking for all Canadians and not appeasing special interest groups. The People’s Party is neither left-wing or right-wing, but the difference between being free and not free. People who espouse racist, antisemitic, or xenophobic positions are not, and never have been, welcome in the party. 

Our platform is built on facts with a focus on ending corporate welfare, phasing out supply management over a number of years, telecom industry deregulation, increasing airline competition and reducing tax brackets to save Canadians billions of dollars. 

Official Website of The People’s Party of Canada

Platform of The People’s Party of Canada

PPC Party leader, Maxime Bernier, with PPC Toronto-Danforth candidate Tara Dos Remedios

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